Call to Action – Healthcare Refusals Bill HB747

The relentless attacks keep comin’.  Next up is the Healthcare Refusals Bill (HB 747) in the House Professions and Public Health Committee at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, January 25.  Resources below! 

This is Representative Snyder’s so-called “medical conscience” bill that (1) allows healthcare providers and insurers to deny patients care on the basis of religion, morals, or ethics; and (2) includes a broad “license to discriminate” provision for religious healthcare businesses and insurers to discriminate on the basis of their religion in hiring and contracting.  

This is the first committee stop for the bill; bill text here.  Fortunately, the committee is stacked with many of our *ROCKSTAR* Representatives!  (See below.)  The bill is carried by Senator Baxley in the Senate (SB 1820). 


  • One-pager with talking points and important examples attached!
  • Meeting Notice (for time/date/location)
  • House Professions and Public Health Subcommittee members
First Last NamePartyLocal PhoneEmail AddressTwitter
Carlos SmithDem(850)
Kristen ArringtonDem(850)
Anna V.EskamaniDem(850)
Will RobinsonRep(850)
Juan Fernandez-BarquinRep(850)
Tyler I.SiroisRep(850)

In addition, the Florida Democratic Party created an ACTION ALERT today with an easy way to contact all the legislators on the committee at the following link:

Please feel free to share far and wide.

Peter Horstman, Legislative Director for the Hillsborough LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus, added: “This is bill no. 2 directed squarely at the LGBTQ community following the “Don’t Say Gay” bill disguised as Parental Rights that would allow parents to stop anyand all references to LGBTQ people in grade schools, K-12.  This one uses the guise of religion to allow the medical community at every level to deny basic and life threatening medical care to LGBTQ people of ALL ages.

Please follow the easy steps that the Democratic Party and Equality Florida have put together for us to protest against this bill NOW!

We are now literally fighting for our lives!”