2024 Membership Drive

It’s OCTOBER and 
we are now in our 2024 Membership Drive!
Dues paid now are valid through December 31, 2024.

Per our Bylaws (Article III – Membership), requirements for membership are:

  • Registered Democrat in the state of Florida and
  • Supportive of the objectives of the Caucus

There are two types of membership: 

  • Full/Voting and 
  • Associate/Non-Voting

If you are able to attend membership meetings and would like to be able to run for and/or vote for Officer positions and vote on amendments to the Bylaws and Endorsements, please choose Full on the membership application.

If you will not be able to attend meetings but would like to financially support the Caucus, please choose Associate. Per the Bylaws (Article III, Section 2), all elected officials and candidates in the current election cycle are automatically Associate members.

We proudly use ActBlue for payment of membership dues. You are welcome to make a one-time payment or pay monthly.  A recurring monthly payment will ensure that you maintain your active Caucus membership without needing to worry if you have renewed (as long as you continue the monthly payment). We thank those members who have already taken advantage of the monthly payment option!

There are five levels of membership:

  • Student (with a qualifying student ID) – $20 or monthly payment of $2.00
  • Individual – $35 or monthly payment of $3.00
  • Household – $60 or monthly payment of $5.00
  • Booster – $70 or monthly payment of $6.00
  • Sponsor – $115 or monthly payment of $10.00
  • Benefactor – $515 or monthly payment of $43.00

In the over 17 years of our Caucus’ existence, we are proud to say that our audits have determined that we have been good stewards of your financial support and the Caucus’ well-being, following the Caucus Purpose and Mission (Bylaws Article II).  We do this by our well-developed Get Out The Vote (GOTV) process, participating in all local LGBTQ+ Pride celebrations and closely monitoring our operational expenses.

Please select this link to go to the membership form and it will take you to the ActBlue page.

Thank you for your continued support!

We always remember that ~ With YOU We Will WIN!

With Pride – 

Ercilia Albistu, Membership Chair

Dave Cutler, Secretary

Luis Salazar, President