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Full - Active, voting member of the caucus. Associate - Support the Purpose of the Caucus, but either are not registered as a Florida Democrat or not able to come to monthly membership meetings. Not counted towards quorum at meetings.
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Only needed if applying for Student Membership
The Bylaws Committee shall recommend such changes in the bylaws as appear necessary and feasible from time to time.
The Political Action/Campaign Committee shall work toward the election of Democratic nominees who support the goals of this Chapter for the area covered by the Chapter, including county, state, and national candidates.
The Development Committee shall assist the Treasurer in preparing the annual budget and maintaining the financial records of the Chapter. This committee is also responsible for raising funds to support Chapter activities.
The Audit Committee shall review the financial records for accuracy and submit a report to the Steering Committee summarizing the results of the review.
The Communications Committee shall see that all activities, including meetings, are advertised through the media. It is also responsible for maintaining the Chapter online presence.
The Membership Committee shall verify that all persons applying for membership are, in fact, registered Democrats and shall also organize and assist with membership campaigns.